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Recent updates to Bubba-Crosby.com...

August 11, 2012: Added this 1999 Stampede card to the card gallery

August 29, 2011: Added some photos from Bubba's high school yearbook to the gallery.

August 11, 2011: Happy Birthday, Bubba!

June 3, 2011: Added a Yankees Magazine article about Bubba.

July 23, 2009: Added this card to the card gallery. Also, posted Bubba's blog, since the original site is 404.

May 11, 2009: Added this card to the card gallery.

February 17, 2009: Added this photo to the gallery.

January 10, 2009: Added Bubba's 2003 Las Vegas 51s card to the Gallery.

December 5, 2008: Added some photos from Bubba's sophomore yearbook to the gallery. (Thanks again, R!)

November 26, 2008: Added a couple of photos from Bubba's freshman yearbook to the gallery. (Thanks, R!)

November 9, 2008: Added some text and photos from the 1998 Rice Media Guide.

October 9, 2008: Added this card to the Gallery.

August 11, 2008: Happy Birthday, Bubba!

June 15, 2008: Yankees beat reporter Peter Abraham reports that Bubba has retired.

May 13, 2008: Added this video, from 2006.

March 29, 2008: It's the championship round of Red Hot Mama's "Who's hotter?" tournament: Bubba Crosby vs. Brandon Phillips. Vote early, vote often!

March 8, 2008: It's official. The Seattle Times Mariners Blog confirms that Bubba has been released, and says it's because he failed his physical.

March 7, 2008: Bubba has been released by Seattle.

February 25, 2008: Changed the fan mail address on the contact page to the Rainiers' spring training address.

February 24, 2008: Added some info on Mariners spring training.

February 19, 2008: It's official. Bubba signed with the Mariners.

January 14, 2008: Added a couple of photos from 2005 to the gallery.

December 17, 2007: Added some photos from the 1994 Bellaire High School yearbook to the gallery.

December 2, 2007: Added photos from this Rice media guide (PDF), here, here, and here.

November 27, 2007: Added a countdown to spring training to the front page.

November 26, 2007: Added this great photo to the gallery. It's from Bubba's Rice University days. Apparently, they put his photo on a promotional refrigerator magnet. (Thanks, Lisa!)

November 24, 2007: Added another card to the baseball card gallery.

October 17, 2007: Bubba is no longer with the Reds. Baseball America reports that Cincinnati granted him free agency.

September 14, 2007: Added another card to the baseball card gallery.

August 23, 2007: Added this photo to the gallery.

August 15, 2007: Added a couple of photos to the gallery. They're from 2004, when the Yankees were at Dodger Stadium.

August 12, 2007: Added some 2005 portraits to the gallery.

August 11, 2007: Happy Birthday, Bubba!

August 2, 2007: Added this photo to the gallery. (Bubba's in the second row, on the right.)

July 31, 2007: Added this photo to the gallery. Also, Bubba is now back Sarasota, working with the training staff there to rehab his shoulder.

July 26, 2007: Bubba's surgery went very well, and he's expected to return to Sarasota in the next day or two to continue rehabbing there. Bats trainer Chris Lapole says Bubba will be "100% ready to go" by spring training next year.

July 25, 2007: Bubba had the surgery in Cincinnati, and is still there. He will eventually return to Sarasota to continue his recovery.

July 18, 2007: The surgery is scheduled for Friday, July 20.

July 17, 2007: Bubba will have surgery on his left shoulder later this week. He's out for the season.

July 16, 2007: Still no update on how Bubba's doing. Bats trainer Chris Lapole didn't talk to the press today as expected.

July 15, 2007: Bats radio announcer Jim Kelch will have a Bubba update tomorrow.

June 23, 2007: Added another card to the baseball card gallery.

June 8, 2007: Bats trainer Chris Lapole says he expects Bubba back in the lineup at the end of July.

June 7, 2007: Bubba's had a bit of a setback in Sarasota. It will be awhile before he's back in the lineup.  

June 3, 2007: Added more portraits of Bubba. These were taken in Tampa, during Yankees spring training 2004 and 2006.

June 1, 2007: Added some portraits of Bubba taken when he was a Dodger. They were taken in Vero Beach, during spring training 1999. Which would have made him 22 years old.

May 30, 2007: Bubba may play some games with the Sarasota Reds if the extended spring training games go well.

May 29, 2007: Posted a link to this article. Also, Bubba has left the Bats to play some extended spring training games in Florida.

May 28, 2007: Bubba continues to rehab his shoulder. He may be sent to Florida soon to work with medical coordinator Richard Stark and his staff. (And no, despite the reports from various media sources, I do not expect Bubba to be called up if Freel goes on the DL. It's likely to be a short stint, so they'll probably want a kid with options left. Also, Bubba is not ready to play yet. He's been on the shelf for six weeks, and would need some rehab games even if he was 100% healthy tomorrow.)

May 22, 2007: Bubba's rehab is going well; the trainer is pleased with the progress Bubba is making.

May 13, 2007: Added another card to the baseball card gallery.

May 9, 2007: Added some info about MiLB.TV to the front page. Watch Bubba's games live! When he gets off the DL...

May 7, 2007: Bubba had an MRI today. Good news; he won't need surgery.

May 6, 2007: Bubba is still on the DL, and is no longer traveling with the team. They've sent him to Cincinnati to be evaluated by the Reds medical staff.

April 30, 2007: Bubba is still not ready to play, but he says he's getting close.

April 24, 2007: Correction: The Bats put Bubba on the 7-day DL. It's retroactive to April 20.

April 23, 2007: The Bats put Bubba on the 15-day DL today.

April 20, 2007: The Louisville Bats are auctioning off game-worn autographed hats. Proceeds will be donated to a memorial fund for the Virginia Tech victims.

April 10, 2007: Nice article with a photo of Bubba here.

April 2, 2007: Added photos from the Enquirer slideshow to the portraits gallery.

March 27, 2007: Bubba has accepted the minor league assignment.

March 25, 2007: Added some photos to the portraits and game photos gallery.

March 24, 2007: Bubba has been outrighted to the minors.  

March 17, 2007: Added another card to the baseball card gallery.

March 7, 2007: Added this video clip of Bubba robbing Eric Duncan with a great catch in left field. (It's about 2 Mb.)

March 3, 2007: Added some new pics to the Portaits section of the gallery.

March 1, 2007: Added this photo, from yesterday's intrasquad game.

February 28, 2007: Added info about today's intrasquad game to the front page.

February 23, 2007: Added this photo, of Bubba fishing with Ryan Freel.

February 20, 2007: Added this article, about Bubba boxing to keep in shape in the off-season.

February 19, 2007: Added a link to the Cincinnati Enquirer Bubba Crosby profile to the front page.

February 15, 2007: Added image files of Bubba's page from the Reds media guide: page 77, page 78, page 79.

February 14, 2007: Added this article.

February 7, 2007: Added info about the 2007 Reds media guide to the front page.

January 26, 2007: Added a new card to the baseball card gallery.

January 13, 2007: Added info on Reds spring training tickets to the front page.

January 8, 2007: Added Bubba's 2000 San Bernardino Stampede card to the Gallery.

January 2, 2007: Updated the front page and added more info on Reds spring training tickets.

January 1, 2007: Updated the Gamelog.